Friday, May 26, 2017

Turn a Dollar Store Jar into a Personalized Candy Dish

Dollar Store jar turned Candy Dish
I am always finding really cool jars and containers in the dollar store. They are inexpensive and fun, but I who doesn't want to turn them into something FABULOUS? Take that Dollar Store jar and turn it into a personalized Candy Dish using etchall® etching creme, Joy® Iron on Letters, and Plaid Multi Surface Paints.

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apply a stencil to etching surface
Because this is a curved surface it requires a little more prep before applying the etching creme. Once the stencil is applied I used masking tape to build a "dam" around the area to be etched to contain any creme that migrated off the top.

 Applying etching creme to a curved surface

Once you have your dam in place, apply the etching creme and set your timer for 15 minutes. Remove the creme and return to the jar (it's re-usable!) and rinse the jar under cold running water. Leave the stencil in place, and dry with paper towels.

Plaid Multi Surface Paints are perfect for etched surfaces
I used cheap make up sponges to apply paint, starting from the outside edge and working my way to the center. Plaid Multi Surface Paints are AMAZING - they dried very quickly, so keep that in mind.  I used a very tiny paintbrush to add a thin line right next to the stencil. Remove the stencil while the paint is still wet, set aside to dry.

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

National Mod Podge Day Upcycled Memory Box

Celebrating Mod Podge 50th Anniversary
It's the 50th Anniversary of Mod Podge- can you believe it? To celebrate I upcycled a box I was going to throw away into an elegant memory box. There are so many things going on as part of the celebration - be sure to hop on over to the website above to share your projects and find some inspiration.

Upcylced Memory Box using Mod Podge for Paper

Plaid was generous enough to supply me with a some product to create with. Let me just tell you - that wide brush is my new favorite tool! You should run right out and get one. Today!
I started my project with a box that has been sitting in my studio for about a year. I received it as a gift - it was filled with skin care products. It was such a nice box I couldn't bring my self to throw it away!  I grabbed some tissue paper, and some Paper Mod Podge.

I started by tearing my tissue paper into random sized strips. Working in sections, I applied a thin coat of the Paper Mod Podge to the top of the box and started layering on the tissue. At this point I am not worried about covering every tiny speck of the box. I just want to cover most of it. As I lay the tissue pieces down, I apply a thin coat of Mod Podge on top as well, brushing to make sure everything is smooth.

While the box top is drying, I grabbed some embellishments and went to work. I used the new Stencil Spray from Folk Art to paint my chipboard pieces. Y'all - this was the quickest I have EVER colored chipboard. Ever. Then I just set them aside to dry.

When everything was dry I needed to jazz up the embellishments a bit- Sparkle Mod Podge has always been my favorite of the formulas. I am all about the Sparkle!! I used a foam sponge to apply small amounts to the flower layers.

Fabulous, right???

As a final touch I sponged some Brushed Metal in Gold onto the chipboard using a foam sponge.

Be sure to hop over to the Designer Crafts Connection Blog and enter for your chance to win the give away sponsored by Plaid. Who doesn't need more crafting supplies, right??

Monday, May 8, 2017

Super Mom Treat Holder

 This post contains affiliate links. If you click on a link and make a purchase I will receive a small commission, however the price you pay is not affected. 

Super Mom Treat Holder using Deflecto Stackable Cube

Mother's Day is right around the corner and we all know a Super Mom who deserves a treat. This fun Treat Holder made using the Deflecto® 2 Drawer Stackable Cube Organizer is just the thing to brighten that Super Mom's day. Fill it with some fun treats and you have a ready made gift.

Super Mom Treat Holder using Deflecto Stackable Cube
I started by grabbing one of the hundreds of 6 x 6 paper pads I have in my studio. Don't judge, you know you have a bunch too. They are the perfect size for decorating this line of fun storage cubes. Just a slight trim and the paper fits perfectly!

Super Mom Treat Holder using Deflecto Stackable Cube
I used an Eileen Hull die from Sizziz for the label on top of the cube, layering two of them with foam tape in between for some added dimension. I inked the edges of all the papers before adhereing to the cube.

Super Mom Treat Holder using Deflecto Stackable Cube

Super Mom Treat Holder using Deflecto Stackable Cube

I used a variety of flowers to trim the label on top. These are all from I Love Roses - they have great products if you have never used them before! I adhered everything down using a low temp hot glue gun - super quick and easy.

Super Mom Treat Holder using Deflecto Stackable Cube
For the front of the drawers themselves I added more patterned paper from the same 6x6 pad and more paper roses to finish the project off. I filled it with some tasty chocolates and it is ready to go!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Hope Wall Hanging using Rinea Foil

Howdy everyone, today I have a project showing a fun way to use Rinea Foil papers. I created this Hope Wall Hanging as a gift and I think she is going to love it! Rinea is sponsoring the blog hop this month at the Designer Crafts Connection blog, so be sure to check out all the amazing projects and ways to use this great product.

I used a Tim Holtz die to cut the rosettes using Rinea Foil - the foil paper holds it's shape amazingly well. It is two layers of foil, with a paper sandwiched between - so BOTH sides are shiny!! I finished the rosettes with some jewelry pieces I had in my box.

I started my project by painting a chipboard piece using some new Folk Art finishes. I used the Pickling Wash all over the base, then let it dry. It gives a light coat that is almost transparent. I layered on some of the new Coastal paint using a dry brush, going mainly around the edges. The last step was a layer of the Glaze. You can't really see the glaze, but it blended the two layers together beautifully!!

I used a make up sponge to paint my chipboard title with more of the Coastal paint. I applied two coats, allowing them to dry between. Using the sponge gave it quite a bit of texture - I love how it turned out.

All the other bits and pieces, the canvas, burlap, lace, corrugated paper, tag, and fairie, are from 7 Gypsies. They have some many fun things to play with!

Rinea has glossy and embossed foil, in single color and variety packs. Hop over to their blog to check them out.

Monday, April 3, 2017

The Best Marker Storage Ever!

Best Marker Storage

Hi everyone! Today I want to show off the new Interlocking Marker Organizer from Deflecto. This is seriously the BEST marker storage ever. I have a LOT of markers. Really. I am always looking for a great way to organize and store them. These are amazing!

You can fit 6 of the marker units in one Stackable Caddy Organizer. They are interchangeable with the clear bins so you can customize your storage. The Stackable Caddy sets use the "lift and lock" feature so you can just grab the whole stack and go. They are perfect for going to crops or retreats.

I have the full set of Tombow markers and storage for these has always been an issue. Because the inserts are a soft, flexible, material, I am able to fit TWO of these slim markers into each slot!

Since the inserts are flexible you can also fit big FAT markers in them! We all have that one set of giant markers that won't fit in anything, right? Well, guess what? They went right in there!

The inserts also work beautifully on your desktop. The dovetail design allows you to interlock the units together in pretty much any configuration. You can stack them up in towers, even make bridges with them. Whatever takes your fancy.

Did I mention interchangeable? Here I used 3 marker units and two clear containers. Fair warning - if you take your Stackable Caddys to a crop, be prepared to defend them! Everyone will want them.


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