Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Dino Birthday Centerpiece

Dino Birthday Centerpiece

It is almost time for my princess's birthday and we are having a dinosaur party this year - so of course we need a dinosaur-themed centerpiece. There will be a lot going on at the party table and I wanted something to really stand out - and up! So I created this fun dino-scape.

Of course the centerpiece had to have the birthday girl's name on it, so I pulled out my Joy embroidered iron-on letters and some canvas I had on hand.  This style of letter comes in a variety of colors - they are so fun to use on all your projects!

I traced a pennant shape onto the canvas and cut them out. I used my mini iron to adhere the letters to the canvas following the instructions on the packaging.

I used hot glue to adhere all the pennants to a length of heavy baker's twine, attached it to my centerpiece, and added some bows made from the same twine.  The best thing about this method is I can remove the personalization and reuse this centerpiece if I want to. We have lots of kids in our family and we tend to pass party decorations around :)

Joy embroidered iron-on letters are available at your local craft and 

hobby stores in a variety of fonts, colors and sizes.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Felt Tooth Fairy Pillow

Felt pillow

I have been wanting to make a little tooth fairy pillow for some time.  My sweet princess is not quite old enough to need one yet, but they are just so cute I could not resist! I am participating in a blog hop with product provided by Expo International Inc. They make the most beautiful trims! Now, y'all know I have some issues with trim. And pom pom trim ranks right up there with ric-rac. I love those!! The world would be a much happier place if everything had some pom-pom trim on it! 

There is a fabulous give away sponsored by Expo International. Be sure to read all the way to the end of the post for the details on how to win!

tooth fairy pillow

 For this project I used Kunin felt that I die cut with a Sizzix die in the heart shape. I hand stitched the cute pom-pom trim on one of the heart shapes and stitched the small piece of felt for the pocket on the other heart shape. Then I stitched the two pieces together leaving a small opening to stuff some Poly-fil inside. I made the flower using 1" wide ric-rac and attached it to the front with fabric glue. I finished the pillow off with a center for the flower and a ribbon. 

pom pom trim
How amazingly cute is this trim?!?!?! - little felt pom poms with little gold beads in between? I am in love with it! Hop over to the Expo Int blog for some amazing inspiration and fun projects.

Be sure to check out the other projects on the hop! 

Of course we have a prize! Expo Int is giving away a Treasure Chest of trims to one lucky person. 
For your chance to win be sure to finish up your hop at the Designer Crafts Connection blog and leave a comment there. The last day to enter will be May 21st at midnight. 
Good luck! 

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Spring Porch Decor using Styletech Vinyl

I love spring! Everything is new, the flowers are blooming, and life is renewing itself all around us. What a glorious time of year.  Of course, spring calls for new decor items around the house and yard.  I had this fabulous frame that I decided to recycle from an old project. If chicken wire doesn't say spring I don't know what does!

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small commission at no additional cost to you. 

I used Ultra Metallic vinyl from Styletech for this project. I covered the front of the frame with Purple #142, the decorative stripes and the inside edge are TIFF BLUE #166.  Look how super glittery these vinyls are! 

I decided to go low tech for this project and just trace the shape onto the back of the vinyl!  After I traced I cut the vinyl about a quarter of an inch outside the lines to give some play. I applied the vinyl in two sections, trimming with my craft knife after applying each section.

Paper flowers layered together and misted with color add a finishing tough to the frame. The butterflies were cut using my Silhouette Cameo machine and I simply inked the edges on these. A hot glue gun allowed me to bring it all together.

Look at that glitter! The blue stripes added a little punch to the edge of the frame. A bright green ribbon finished the project off.

This project is a Mother's Day Gift - so mum's the word! Don't tell anyone. 

Hop over to the Styletech Facebook page to get updates on new products and project ideas.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Hello Beautiful Etched Mirror

etched mirror
Who doesn't love a beautiful etched mirror? I bought this mirror for my guest bath some time ago and I have been wanting to dress it up a bit. Etching the mirror adds a fun layer of texture without adding anything I have to dust- which is a big bonus in my book! I hate to dust!

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I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut the stencil for this project. You can use any stencil you have to etch with or cut your own using punches or an electronic die cut machine. So many possibilities.

I used etchall® etching creme for this project. Y'all this stuff is so easy to use. For real. Just spread it on, let it sit, take it off, and rinse. That's it. Seriously. You should try it if you haven't.

etchall reusable etching creme
OK. So I had some vinyl left over from another project that wanted to use up. It was the perfect size to cut this stencil with. Wonderful, right?  NO. Like a dork I forgot that this was permanent adhesive vinyl. Sure, it cut and etched just fine - but getting the vinyl back off the mirror was an unmitigated PITA. Seriously. This took forever.

Anyway,,, after putting my stencil in place I put on a thick layer of etchall® etching creme and allowed it to sit for 15 minutes. Return the excess creme back to the jar and then gently rinse the remaining creme away with water.

Hello Beautiful Mirror
I am really happy with how it turned out! Who wouldn't love to see this when looking in the mirror?  Also notice how the mirror reflects itself - you can see the double reflection and it is pretty cool.

Be sure to hop over to the etchall® blog to see more great project ideas.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Buttons, buttons, who loves buttons??

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button storage bins

It is no secret that I love buttons. I have a serious button fetish. I collect them everywhere I go.  Storing my button collection has become a small problem. Mason jars have been my go to for some time,, but then I stick them on the shelf and they are hard to access. I have lots of little plastic storage bins and while those make the buttons easy to see- it is hard to get just the one set of buttons you want out of the bin. I generally end up dumping half of them out on my workspace 😑 

Enter the Deflecto® Craft Tilt Bins. Y'all. These things are the bomb. The best. Amazing. Seriously right up there in my top three storage pieces with my Alex drawer units from IKEA and my Ribbon Ring.  I have a WHOLE WALL of these bins and I store everything in them. 

craft storage
The individual bins come out of the holder so you can carry it to your work area, then they just pop right back into place. This is more handy than you think and once you get used to this feature you will wonder how you ever lived without it. There are times when I have several of the individual bins on my work table so that I have access to multiple embellishments. But there is NO mess because each item is contained in it's own little bin! Perfect!!

craft bins
The bins tilt forward and then hold in place so you can grab an item or two. They will stay in this position until you push them closed. 

applying vinyl
 I decorated the front of my bins with some Translucent Glitter Vinyl from Styletech Craft. When I applied the glitter I wanted to make sure that they were all evenly spaced across all five bins. So I pulled out a roll of washi tape and applied a strip across the bottom of each bin to line my vinyl up.
Craft Tilt Bins
Each Craft Tilt Bin interlocks with the units above and below it for stability. The Craft Tilt Bins come in a variety of sizes from teeny tiny bins to really large bins - but the length of each set is standard so they will all stack neatly. 

To see more great products from Deflecto be sure to check out their webpage