Saturday, December 23, 2017

Starry Night Etched Cake Plate

I have a real thing for cake plates. Like,,, I have a lot of them. Really,,, a lot of them. I bought this beautiful blue one a few years ago to use for a really small wedding cake. It has been sitting around since then in the cabinet. I decided to use some etchall® etching creme to add some fun decor to it. I created this fun Starry Night etched plate using just a few supplies.

One of my favorite tools that I use all the time in my projects is a small Fiskars hand punch that I bought years ago - a little star punch. It is about 3/4" and so very versatile! I punched my etchmask using the star punch and applied the stencils all around the edge of the plate. I taped off all the other areas to make sure that I didn't accidentally etch some where else. I am very prone to that. 

Apply the etching creme and let it sit for 15 minutes. Return the excess creme to the jar and rinse the plate. After I dried everything I used some fun new inks from ColorBox to color in the etched space. I like to do this before I remove the stencil from the project- it just seems to work so much better. This ink dries so quickly that I was able to put two light coats on the etched areas in about 2 minutes. I used a cheap dollar store make up sponge to apply it.

After the ink is dry, pull all the tape and stencils off.

You are left with beautiful stars! I love how this turned out. It was a super easy project that used supplies I already had on hand - always a bonus!

Be sure to try all the amazing products from etchall - and check out the website for fun projects and ideas.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Harry Potter KitchenAid Mixer

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Harry Potter Mixer

Do you know a Harry Potter fan? My DD2 is a HUGE fan. She had a mixer on her Christmas list this year - but I really wanted to jazz it up. It was a no brainer that I would add some Harry Potter fun to it, but it took me a while to settle on the exact design. Plus, the lift style mixer doesn't have as much room on the neck as the tilt head mixer - so that was a challenge too. The space was narrow- I only had about 3" on each side to work with.

The "Potions Master" is about 1.25" high and 7" long. I added some extra stars around the words to dress it up.  (Note: Both sides of the mixer have the same designs)

Potions Master Mixer
I used Styletech vinyl, Glossy and Luster for this project.
  • Silver Luster #885
  • Bright Green Luster #902
  • Black #499
For this design, I cut each color and applied them individually to the mixer, rather than layering them together first. This was such a simple design that putting each color on individually was just quicker and easier!

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Star Light, Star Bright Votives

Upcycled baby food jars
I don't know about you, but it is physically impossible for me to throw away baby food jars! I just can't do it. I used a few of the ones I had on hand to make these fun Star Light, Star Bright Votive candle holders that can be used at pretty much any party. New Year's Eve? Check! Christmas? Check! Baby shower? Check! Birthday party? Check! 
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These were so easy to make. Here is the super short supply list:

etched votive holders

Start by punching a bunch of star shapes from the vinyl/etchmask™. Remove the backing from the stars and apply them INSIDE the jars. Use as many or as few as you like- whatever looks good to you! Make sure they are firmly pressed down - because we are using the liquid we don't want any space for it to leak under the vinyl.

etching glass jars
Place the jars on a flat, level surface and carefully fill with the dip 'n etch™ liquid. Set your timer to 15 minutes and then go have a cup of coffee. Or a cupcake. Whatever, I don't judge!  When the timer goes off, pour the dip 'n etch™ back into the bottle making sure not to get any on the outside of the jars.

Rinse the inside of the jars and dry well. Remove the stars and decorate as desired! See, easiest craft ever - and the most versatile.  Be sure to check out the etchall™

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Don't Get Your Tinsel in a Tangle Canvas

Hi y'all! Today I am blog hopping with some fabulous Designers over at Designer Crafts Connection! We are using products from Colorbox Colorique by Lisa Marie Jimenez and U-Paint Metal Crafts. I had such a fun time with this project and I hope you give these products a try!

Don't get your Tinsel in a tangle
For my project I chose a frame set from U-Paint Metal Crafts that included this lovely oval frame. I used 4 mini canvases that I had on hand, lots of Christmas theme embellishments, some die cuts, and a whole lot of hot glue to finish my project!

Colorique Canvas
My basic supplies are:
Colorbox Colorique
Frame set from U-Paint Metal Crafts
Canvas Corp Mix and Match paper pad
Kunin Classic Felt
3x3 mini canvases

Mini Canvases
I started by using hot glue to adhere my mini canvases together to form a larger square. Set those aside to dry. I also went ahead and cut my paper squares to adhere to the canvases later on.

Metal Frame
I used Moss Landing to paint my metal frame. Using a cheap foam make up applicator is my preferred method of applying color - pick these up in the dollar store. Use once and toss in the trash. Super handy. One coat of color was beautiful - this color is super concentrated!

Christmas Frame
I also used the Moss Landing on my die cut Christmas Tree. I used smooth white mat board and it took the color beautifully. 
I cut a piece of Kunin Classic Felt to fit the frame, trimmed the saying from the larger piece of paper and used hot glue to secure both to the back of the frame.

Christmas Canvas
To color the canvases I used Ruby Slippers and diluted it with water, then used a foam applicator to coat the top of the canvases. I used a heat gun to speed up dry time.

Christmas Canvas

To finish off the frame I adhered to cut paper squares, then the frame, then layered on lots of embellishments.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Festive Christmas Treat Bags

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I love to bake and give cookies and cakes at Christmas time. Pretty presentation is super important too. I mean, it's Christmas! Let's be festive and dress everything up! These festive Christmas treat bags are so pretty you won't want to give them away. These bags come together quickly and you can use up some of those fun embellishments you have lying around too! I had these flat sacks left over from another project. They are about 6.5" wide so even GIANT cookies will fit inside.  

Plaid Mod Melter
 I have been dying to try the Mod Melter for a while. It is a pretty cool tool if you have not used it yet. I recently received a set of the tools and melts from Plaid. (Thanks so much!!)  I couldn't wait to break it out and play with it.  So far I am loving the fun things I made with with! 

Mod Melter charms
There are a variety of molds you can use with the Mod Melter and LOTS of fun colors of the melts. I made a bunch of small embellishments using different molds. I left some plain and painted some of them using shiny colors.

Christmas treat bags

I had a bunch of glittery snow flakes on hand from another project. They are so pretty, but they needed a little something to finish them off. I used a tiny bit of hot glue to attach the finished pieces to the center of the snowflakes. Easy, peasy, and done. 

To decorate the bags I used the Canvas Corps Mix and Match Pad: Jolly Christmas. I LOVE the bright colors of this paper collection. The pad also includes some printed canvas, corrugated paper, and two colors of burlap sheets as well.  If you are a December Daily fan (like I am!) you will love the sheet of numbered tags in the kit.  You can purchase directly from the Canvas Corps website here.

Don't you love these prints!?!? I layered on pieces from different sheets and matted the little tag in the front to make it stand out. I also inked the pieces to give them a little more depth. 

I used a variety of ribbon to finish the bags off. Simply fold the top down, punch a couple of holes using your handy Crop-o-Dile and tie a ribbon through. I added the snowflakes with additional ribbon. 

Mod Podge charms
For a fun little touch (and because I like to add lots of stuff to my projects!) I used another sheet from the paper pad to make an acrylic tag. I used a tag from the Mod Podge Acrylic Shape set. Coat the back of the charm with Mod Podge, then settle it on the paper where you want it. Let dry, then trim away from the sheet. 

Christmas charms
Use some fun twine to attach the charm to the bag.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Christmas Hurricane Candle Holders

etched hurricane globes
Christmas is coming!! Christmas is coming!! Time to get the decorations ready. I love etched glass decorations for Christmas and these Hurricane Candle Holders turned out beautifully!  I used two kinds of candle holders from the Dollar Tree to create these - so they are super cheap too.

Dollar store candle holders and etching creme

Did you know that etchall® is reusable? Simply scrape the creme back into the jar when you are done etching and reuse it over and over! 

outlining stencil cut

After cutting my stencil, I like to highlight the cut edge to make sure I get it aligned correctly on my project. I use powdered chalk and a pom pom. Simply rub the chalk over the cut edge and brush away any excess.  This makes it sooo easy to see once you apply the transfer paper. 

using etching creme
Apply a nice thick coat of the etching creme and allow it to sit for at least 15 minutes. Scrape the excess bake into the jar to reuse next time. Rinse the project under running water to remove any left over creme. Be careful not to get creme on the unetched areas of the project as it can leave a film. 

adhering glass pieces
I wanted to add some height to my candle holders so I added a plain taper holder under each one. I love using Tombow Xtreme tabs. They are a solid adhesive- meaning it isn't liquid so it won't run all over! This adhesive is so easy to use, simply apply to one surface, remove the tabs, and adhere to the other piece. The bond will strengthen over time, but it is re-positional for a short time after applying. 

Christmas hurricane globes
There you have it! This project cost me $4 plus the materials I had on hand. I may fill them with candy instead of using them as a candle holder - they have so many possibilities.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Fun and Cute Christmas Gift Card Holder

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Christmas Gift Card Holder

I am so in love with this paper from Doodlebug Designs! It is the new Milk and Cookies line and I picked it up at the Craft Warehouse when I was in Idaho a couple of weeks ago. I always give lots of gift cards at Christmas time so this paper was perfect to make a fun and cute holder for one.

Defelcto flexible pouches
Deflecto Flexible Pouches come in two sizes and they are great for all kinds of projects! I used the smaller size for this gift card holder. These pouches are also great for storing paint samples and color combos; they are super handy to carry in your purse when you are shopping.   You can also use the large size pouches to create a mini album - check it out here.

Creating a custom gift card holder
I started by covering both sides of the pouch with patterned paper. I used the new Milk and Cookies line from Doodlebug Designs - it is so cute! On the back side of the pouch where the plastic overlaps, I adhered a smaller piece of paper to slip inside.

Here comes Santa Claus
I adorned the front of the pouch with more paper from the Milk and Cookies line. I love to add faux stitching to my projects - it just adds so much visual depth to a piece! I layered die cut stickers, paper accents, and some amazingly cute Shape Sprinkles to embellish this side.  My last step was to outline the sticker shape with a thin black pen - it just makes the shape pop off the page. I am in LOVE with the Stabilo Point 88 Thin Line pens. Those things are amazing an give the best thin line!

Ho Ho Ho
On the reverse side I added more paper accents. The sentiment is created with Joy Embroidered Letters. These two colors were perfect for this paper line and this font is so fun and playful.  I cut a matching piece of card stock to fit inside the pouch and adhered the gift card using temporary tape. Punch a hole in the end of the card stock and tie on lots of ribbons to finish it off.

Milk and Cookies

Who wouldn't love to get this super cute Gift Card Holder? I am pretty sure there are going to be a few of them floating around the tree on Christmas morning here at our house.

To see more great ideas using Deflecto Products be sure to check out the blog.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Spooky Monster Popcorn Box

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Halloween popcorn box
Spooky greetings y'all! I am so happy to be taking part in the Halloween Popcorn Box party of 2017 hosted by Laura Kelly. This is such a fun and creative event. I turned my popcorn box into a Spooky Monster!  I used the popcorn box from World Market as my base of course. To create my monster I covered the box in patterned paper and inked him up. 

Die cut felt
I die cut the amazing Kunin felt using dies by Eileen Hull to create these spooky fun flowers. Did you know that Kunin felt is made from recycled bottles? Totally true! I LOVE that! Twelve bottles equals one pound of fabric. The felt is weather resistant and fade proof, great for outdoor decor.
The giant google eyes are from Oriental Trading Company. What kid doesn't love giant google eyes? 

Flying bats

What would Halloween be without a few bats? To make these cute bats fly I attached them to the end of Deflecto Flexible Sign Danglers. These things are super cool- they are made of thin metal that you can shape any way you want and they have adhesive at each end on a little tab. You are going to want some I promise you.

Halloween treat box

 Stuff with candy and you have the best Spooky Monster on the block! 

Thanks so much to the sponsors of the 2017 Popcorn Box Party Blog Hop for providing supplies to the bloggers or prizes. 

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Bat Juice Potion Jar

Bat Juice Potion Jar
I love Halloween! And I love to decorate for Halloween. Every year I like to create a few new projects to add to my collection. This year's project is this fun Bat Juice Potion Jar made using a Dollar Tree glass jar.

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So, first up I etched the jar. Super easy to do. Grab your etchall® and let's get started.
hinge method of applying vinyl
Cut your mask, line up on the bottle, and put some tape down the middle. This way I could line it up and place one side while the other side was still stationary. Bam. Perfect placement. 

applying etching creme
Add some masking tape all around to keep the etching creme in place and add your creme. Let it sit 15 minutes, then scrape it back into the jar. Rinse under cool running water and dry. Remove the stencil.

Drink Me halloween sign
Next up, let's add some fun stuff to it! For this project I have use the Flexible Sign Danglers and the Mini Slanted Sign Holder from Deflecto, Joy Embroidered Letters. I used some vintage Doodlebug Designs paper for the inside of the frame and added some 3D decorations to the outside of it. I used a Flexible Sign Dangler to fly my bat. FUN!
I ran the letters through my mini Xyron machine to get them to adhere to the etched area of the bottle, then added another felt bat (from Hobby Lobby, y'all) below them.

Flexible sign dangler
I also used a Flexible Sign Dangler to attach another flying bat to my potion bottle. These little sign danglers are so easy to use in so many ways! I added twine, a paper flower and a brad to the top of the bottle to finish it off.