Thursday, August 24, 2017

Fall Wall Decor with DecoFun Bow Maker

Fall Wall Decor
Howdy y'all! This month over at the Designer Crafts Connection we are creating and hopping with DecoFun Bowmaker. Y'all know you love a good bow just like I do. I have put mine to use by adding some fall flare to my wall decor in the kitchen.  There are lots of great projects, so when you get to the bottom of the post don't forget to hop over to the main blog.

Deco Fun Bow Maker

 The first step is to wrap your ribbon around the Bowmaker. Now, I didn't realize until I went to make the second layer of the bow, that this was not correct. See how my ribbon comes to the front every time then wraps around the back of the posts? This will not work if you have a printed ribbon, because it will show the backside (plain side) of the ribbon. Lesson learned.

Gathering ribbon bow
After you have wrapped the ribbon, it is time to gather it up and tie it off. Simply pinch the ribbon together and tie with one of the enclosed twist ties or a piece of wire (see next photo).

How to tie a bow

Multi layer bow
So I used three different ribbons to create my bow, because more is always better, right? My kitchen is VERY spring like. For the fall I always try to add some touches here and there to try and bring it into the season. It was SO easy to create this beautiful bow and add it to my blackboard.

Wire edge ribbon
I made the base layer of the bow using wire edge ribbon, which will give the bow lots of extra fluff and allow me to shape it easier.  I love these fall colors! The two top ribbons are from DecoFun and the burlap ribbon is one from my stash. You can find it here. It is great for lots of projects around the house.

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    Tuesday, August 1, 2017

    Hunting for Dinosaur Eggs

    Dinosaur Egg hunt
    How super cute are these little buckets from Dollar Tree?? I needed something the littles could use to go hunting for dinosaur eggs at the party this weekend and of course, I didn't want to spend a fortune, because ,, well, they are kids and you know how that goes. SCORE at the Dollar Tree!!  These bad boys were perfect for apply vinyl to. Speaking of vinyl - the vinyl I received from Tape Technologies is AMAZING y'all. I mean AMAZING. I made an entire 12 x 12 sheet of those dino feet - and weeded the entire thing with
    If I'm lyin', I'm dyin' y'all. I did not even put weeding lines on the file before I cut it. That is how well this brand of vinyl cuts. I have used them ALL and this is great stuff. Go check it out. Really.

    Dinosaur egg hunting
     Look how cute these are. I can't wait for the littles to see them. (sorry about the flash photography - not a bit of sunlight to be had today and these did not do well with the photography lights). I used two colors of the Fluorescent line: Pink F01 and Green F06. They are gorgeous!

    To check out more of the available colors, go here.   Also be sure to check out our Facebook page for updates and fabulous ideas!